z/XDC Classes

z/XDC is a robust, incredibly comprehensive debugging tool for Assembler language programmers of any skill level. Utilizing z/XDC can save considerable time while coding, and can help programmers find problems before their customers do. z/XDC makes the debugging process clear; programmers can see what's going on without having to deduce things, and can have complete control over the coding environment.

Over the years, our very sophisticated user community has lobbied for and received ever more functionality. For experienced users, this ongoing development provides continuous enhancement to the product. But with hundreds of commands available, a new user may be at a loss for where to begin.

ColeSoft's Product Education classes will teach you how to use z/XDC.

Classes Cover a Broad Range of Topics

In one short class, ColeSoft can give you all the tools you need to understand z/XDC's architecture and operation. We'll discuss how to invoke the product and how to customize the interface to your preferences, then we'll start talking about commands and facilities.

Our class will teach you all you need to navigate z/XDC in a variety of environments for a variety of Assembler users. We'll touch on all the major parts of the product, including the built in HELP subsystem.

The z/XDC User's Class uses a real z/XDC session with a supporting outline and the use of a virtual white-board. With a real z/XDC session, we can react to your real-world questions in real-time. If you ask a question the instructor can't answer, we'll call in level two or level three support to get a comprehensive answer.

Our goal is to spark our users' curiosity and engage in meaningful, in-depth tutorials that meet your specific needs and bring z/XDC to the forefront of your programming tool belt.

The only resource you need to bring to your z/XDC User's Class is the will to learn and absorb a new interface. However, if you are interested in preparing yourself for the class ahead of time, you can take a look at the z/XDC Primer or other z/XDC Documentation.

Class Options

To make ColeSoft's product education as accessible as possible, we have z/XDC classes available online for no cost, or in person onsite for a fee. General classes are hosted by ColeSoft's Product Educator Bob Shimizu. A z/XDC Master Class for experienced users is also offered, hosted by z/XDC's Architect and Lead Developer David Cole.

Schedule A Class

To get more information about ColeSoft's Product Education options or to schedule a class, please contact Bob Shimizu at (800) XDC-5150 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And remember, no matter which z/XDC class you choose, the class never really ends. ColeSoft is always here to answer your questions by phone or email.

Online Classes

ColeSoft offers online z/XDC classes in your timezone in any location on Earth. The online class uses WebEx, and can handle up to 24 internet connections at a time. There is no cost for the online class.

When you arrange the class, you'll receive a series of hyperlinks for the video and audio portion of the class. The video portion is accessible with the installation of java applets on your local PC. The audio portion of the call is handled by a conference call. The number is not a toll-free number; you can SKYPE into the call for free, but we find that VOIP quality can be uneven. If you prefer to use your own conference call mechanism, we'll gladly use that instead. It's possible to double- or triple-up by sharing a session in the same room or in a conference room.

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Onsite Classes

ColeSoft offers onsite classes anywhere in the continental United States for up to a full day session.

Bob will bring his own connection to his own development site so that he never touches your system. He'll need a conference room with the ability to project his session on a wall or screen, and lots of whiteboard space. A conference call setup is also helpful so that second or third level support programmers can be called in for more complex questions.

Upon request, ColeSoft can use your system for our class. In order to use your system, a z/XDC installation must already be completed. It's a good idea to have your installing systems programmer available before the class to work out any kinks during the setup.

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z/XDC Master Classes

A more in-depth option is the z/XDC Master Class, taught by z/XDC Architect and Lead Developer David Cole. This class is available upon request, and can be in person or online with up to 100 connections. Within the forum of the Master Class, experienced z/XDC users discuss z/OS internals, z/XDC internals, and future product enhancements. There is no topic too esoteric; Dave can customize the class to users' specific interests and requests.

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