z/XDC z1.13 Documentation

The links below allow you to access all documents relating to installation, usage and maintenance of z/XDC Release z1.13.

Documentation for other releases can be found here:

For information on which versions and releases of the z/XDC products are supported under various versions and releases of the z/OS operating system, please see our Statement of Support.

Please note that the documents below are PDFs of the HELP Database built into z/XDC, and can also be accessed directly from within z/XDC.

New users should begin with the User Guide. Experienced users may want to begin with the Release Guide.

User Guide

The User Guide contains comprehensive tutorials about the many features and capabilities of z/XDC. This should be the jumping off point for new users.

Release Guide

The Release Guide contains a history of all changes and upgrades made to z/XDC since the prior release. If you are an experienced z/XDC user, start here.

Installation Guide

The Installation Guide describes how to access and install z/XDC z2.2.

Commands Reference

The Commands Reference contains the detailed syntax, usage descriptions, and examples of all of z/XDC’s commands.

Messages Reference

The Messages Reference contains descriptions of all of the messages that can be issued by z/XDC and all of its various components.

The z/XDC Primer and Quick Reference were written by Bob Shimizu to help provide an accessible overview for z/XDC.

z/XDC Primer

The Primer is a basic tutorial to help the beginner get started with z/XDC.

Quick Reference

The Quick Reference is a comprehensive syntax reference for a selection of key z/XDC commands.