dump/XDC brings the z/XDC command language into the world of dump-reading.

dump/XDC allows the user to more quickly diagnose and repair problems in both internal programs AND programs run by one's customers. dump/XDC works in concert with IPCS, allowing the use of IPCS commands right along with z/XDC commands. z/XDC's powerful and comprehensive FORMAT, MAP, DMAP and LIST commands bring new clarity to the dump-reading process.

Source statement support is available for both Assembler and C language programs. Experienced IPCS users will have a whole new box of tools to use. Newer programmers may reduce their reliance upon IPCS.

Use both z/XDC and c/XDC mapping and formatting capabilities to display dumped storage as:

Source image assembler, C, C++, Metal C and System C programs

System and user control blocks and data areas

C variables, arrays, structures and slices

Object code disassembly


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