dump/XDC reduces problem resolution times at Imperva

Throughout the past year our friend Kevin Pintar of Imperva has been kind enough to help us in beta testing our newest XDC feature: dump/XDC. Kevin and his colleagues have been invaluable in helping us test and polish dump/XDC and he had the following to say about the product. 


From Kevin:

"I am a developer of the z/OS Agent for Data Security at Imperva. I have used XDC for over two decades to test and debug mission critical software running all over the world. XDC provides amazingly robust debugging capabilities which make testing the most complicated software not only possible, but straight forward.

"Recently, I was given the opportunity to use the beta version of dump/XDC. It is truly amazing. Like the core product, it fully supports source mapping of control blocks and programs but while using IPCS to process a dump. It provided immediate value when attempting to diagnose various problems in our test system. Instead of bouncing back and forth between program listings and a hex dump, I was looking at my source code and the registers at play. It’s the laser I always wanted as kid.

"Coupling the source and data mapping with dump/XDC REXX support will allow us to write some powerful dump analysis routines significantly reducing problem resolution times.

"Over the decades, I have rarely had to interact with support for XDC. It’s that good. However, during the beta process for dump/XDC we had some very good interactions, and they were very responsive to feature requests.

"I highly recommend dump/XDC and look forward to its general release."

Kevin Pintar

"The views and opinions expressed above are solely those of the individual contributor and do not represent the views or opinions of Imperva."