CFRIENDLY operand added to the LIST LKEDMAP command

It turns out that c/XDC users have reasons to issue the LIST LKEDMAP command a lot. This is because:

  • It sometimes is the case that the external name of a function differs from its internal name,
  • And it is sometimes the case that the user needs to provide a function’s external name in order to load the right source image map,
  • And normally, AUTOMAP would do the job for you, but sometimes you might want to load a map or two that AUTOMAP would not be able to realize you might need.

The problem is, the LIST LKEDMAP command is designed to list all of a Load Module’s or Program Object’s external names, and for C programs, that can include a lot of trash. This makes it hard for the user to find the name he’s looking for.

But now when you use a LIST LKEDMAP … CFRIENDLY command, all of that trash is filtered out of the display, leaving the names of just those programs and functions that the user actually wrote.

The update that implements this is named Z22-1707D. The starting point for more information is HELP WHATSNEW Z22 THINGSFIXED MAINTENANCE.