Product News

CFRIENDLY operand added to the LIST LKEDMAP command

It turns out that c/XDC users have reasons to issue the LIST LKEDMAP command a lot. This is because:

  • It sometimes is the case that the external name of a function differs from its internal name,
  • And it is sometimes the case that the user needs to provide a function’s external name in order to load the right source image map,
  • And normally, AUTOMAP would do the job for you, but sometimes you might want to load a map or two that AUTOMAP would not be able to realize you might need.

c/XDC is Coming!

As many of you know, for many years, ColeSoft has been working hard on bringing our XDC product into the C C++ *AND* Metal C worlds! Well, at long last it looks like were finally there!

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