New Short Command: LO (for LIST OPERANDS)

We have added a new shortcut command: LO can be placed to the left of any displayed machine instruction. If that instruction references storage, the locations will be decoded and the one or two locations referenced will be displayed.

At last count, there were well over a thousand machine instructions publicly defined for z/Systems hardware, and collectively there must be several dozen unique ways that various of these instructions reference storage. No worries. z/XDC understands all of them.

WARNING! The resolution of storage addresses will be done using the current Retry Level register and PSW values. So this display will be useful only when placed on instructions that are at or near the current Retry Level execution location.

And even then, the results are not guaranteed to be accurate except when used on the instruction to which the Retry Level PSW currently points. Examples:

  • If you’re currently debugging within a subroutine, attempting to use LO on any instruction not within that subroutine will pretty much be entirely useless.
  • In fact, if you use LO on any instruction that’s not part of the unit of logic you’re currently debugging, the results are likely to be misleading.

So LO must be used with a great deal of caution!

The update that implements LO is named DBC-1810A. The starting point for more information is HELP WHATSNEW Z22 THINGSFIXED MAINTENANCE.