Something NEW! “Latent Commands”

z/XDC has a very useful Session Log that it automatically writes to spool. It simply records everything that goes on in the display’s top window (the Working Window). But it never includes anything that occurs in Watch Windows. The problem is, that’s where the PSW and registers are normally displayed.

Consequently, a running display of registers and the PSW is not automatically written to the Session Log, and sometimes this lack can be real frustrating. This is a need that Latent Commands addresses.

Now, whenever z/XDC receives control from the user’s program, it will automatically and silently issues a string of commands (the Latent Commands String) and saves that output both in the Session Log and in the Working Window’s Scroll Area. So now, if you need to review the Session Log, the registers and PSW will be in there.

However, if you scroll up in the Working Window’s Scroll Area, you won’t automatically see them. But if you issue a SET LOG LATENT=SHOW command, then you will.

The default Latent Command String is:


but you can change it to be anything you want.
And you can save your changes in your Session Profile.

The update that adds this support is named DBC-1811C. The starting point for more information is HELP WHATSNEW Z22 THINGSFIXED MAINTENANCE.