z/XDC Release z2.2 is Now Generally Available

ColeSoft is excited to announce the general availability of z/XDC Release z2.2, the latest in a long line of strong development advances to an already powerful product. z/XDC Release z2.2 includes substantial updates to the base z/XDC product, as well as introducing a powerful new optional feature, c/XDC.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest release:


  • z/XDC can now find load modules within a CICS address space. This means:
  • CICS load module names can be used in address expressions.
  • CICS load modules can now be mapped.
  • CICS load module names will now appear in the header lines of storage displays created by the FORMAT, DISPLAY, WHERE and EWHERE commands.

FRR Improvements:

It is no longer necessary to pre-create Proxy Tasks when using z/XDC as an FRR. They now will be created dynamically when needed and reused when they preexist.

Private Module Mapping:

Prior to z/XDC Release z2.2, privately loaded modules were “invisible” to z/XDC, because z/XDC depended upon the existence of CDEs to find them. That’s no longer the case. The MAP command has a new parameter, “START=”. When you issue “MAP module-name Start=load-point-address” z/XDC will be able to handle it just as it does any other module. LIST PGMS, LIST LKEDMAP, FORMAT and WHERE work as you’d expect.


z/XDC Release z2.2 has a formal interface for IBM XL C/C++ and Metal C. z/XDC now automatically detects whether it is in C or Assembler code and automatically maps using the appropriate source language. Execution can flow from Assembler to C and back – seamlessly. You can STEP through your C program, statement-by-statement. You can STEP IN/OUT or OVER subroutines and function calls. c/XDC displays Stack Frames. You can examine the Global Pool of variables, the Subroutine Pool of variables and the Local Pool of variables.

Fixes and Improvements:

z/XDC Release z2.2 contains numerous other small fixes and improvements in a variety of areas, please see the release guide for a full list.