The LIST RSA Command Has Been Fixed and Modernized!

At long last, we have turned our attention to the long languishing LIST RSA command and brought it forward into the modern era!

LIST RSA now understands all documented save area formats: F1SA thru F8SA plus the original unlabeled format. (Except for F3SAs. They were never implemented by IBM.)

  • LIST RSA successfully follows all back chain variations.
  • LIST RSA will optionally attempt to follow forward chains as far as it can. (Some formats do not have usable forward chains.)
  • The command's report indicates when a save area is anchored from TCBFSA.
  • The report also attempts to identify the entry point and return locations saved in the save area.
  • The command creates equates to label the save areas that it finds.

Peter Morrison did the revisions. They were published by PEM-2212D. We hope you will find this new LIST RSA to be helpful!

Peter and Dave