LIST PC# - Displays Lists of PC Routines Both in Live Storage and in Dumps

LIST  PC# is a new command that emits either summary lists or detailed displays of PC routines. The summary lists can show:

  • PCs available to a given aspace
  • PCs resident in a given aspace
  • PCs defined by the System Function Table (SFT)
  • PCs that are global to all aspaces (in addition to the SFT routines)
  • PCs that are private to particular aspaces
  • PCs that match a range or list of specific numbers 

Normally, LIST PC# produces a summary display of one-liners for each PC routine being reported. But when you ask for a specific PC routine (or if you use the DETAIL operand), the command will produce a detailed report (as illustrated by one of the examples below).

LIST PC# can be used both in a normal z/XDC debugging session and in a dump/XDC session to display similar information from an IPCS dump.

For a detailed discussion, see HELP COMMANDS LIST PC#

Below are some examples:


LIST PC# ASID=OMVS PRIVATE shows all the non-global PC routines that can be called from the OMVS aspace. The listed routines are not necessarily resident in OMVS.


LIST PC# OWNER=XDCSRVER shows those PC routines that are resident in the XDCSRVER aspace.


LIST PC# SFT shows those PC routines that are defined in z/OS's System Function Table.


The L shortcut can be used on a summary display line to produce a PC routine's detailed report.


Peter Morison did a great job with this command. Please let us know what you think.
Dave Cole