dump/XDC added for troubleshooting IPCS dumps

dump/XDC is a new Licensed Feature that gives z/XDC the ability to examine SYSMDUMPs, IEATDUMPs, SVC dumps, operator dumps and stand alone dumps using z/XDC's command set (not just IPCS's).

Now, you can use both z/XDC and c/XDC mapping and formatting capabilities to display dumped storage as:

  • Source image assembler programs,
  • Source image C, C++, Metal C and System C programs,
  • System and user control blocks and data areas,
  • C variables, arrays, structures and slices,
  • And object code disassembly.

dump/XDC integrates into IPCS, so you can go back and forth using either product's commands when rummaging around in the dump. z/XDC will capture IPCS's reports and present them to you within z/XDC's own displays.

For over two years, Peter Morrison has been working on adding to z/XDC the ability to examine all the dump types that IPCS supports. Update PEM-2108D has finally folded that work into our published z/XDC. So if you have applied our z/XDC maintenance update any time since the end of August 2021, then you already have dump/XDC installed!

But dump/XDC is a Licensed Feature, so if you want to actually use it, you have to activate it. If that interests you, then please contact Bob Shimizu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and he will  be happy to set you up for a trial.

Meanwhile, dump/XDC's Help topics are already available to you as a branch of z/XDC's Build-in Help, and it contains a lot of information about dump/XDC. To get started:

  • Open a normal z/XDC session (TSO XDCCALL IEFBR14 will do).
  • Then use LIST HELP DUMPS 9 to see the organization of the topics documenting dump/XDC.
  • Then use HELP DUMPS whatever to delve deeper into any subtopic you like.

As mentioned above, dump/XDC is offered as a Licensed Feature. That means there will be charge for its use. We do, of course, offer our normal trial periods. For details, please contact Bob Shimizu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please let us know what you think.
Dave Cole
September 27, 2021