cs-cdf/XDC: Now Able to Connect to Debugging Sessions Across a Sysplex

For a couple of months, we have been developing, testing and now finally documenting a new feature for CDF: The ability to connect a user to a debugging session running on a different processor in a Sysplex.

This Cross Sysplex Support has been coming out in bits and pieces since February, and now the last piece, the doc, has been published today (via Z21-1505B).

Once all maintenance has been applied, Cross Sysplex Support will be built into cs-cdf/XDC, but by default it will remain deactivated. To activate it, you must do a couple of things:

  • First, you must create suitable VTAM Major Nodes on all Sysplex members that are to participate. The rules for defining these nodes are stringent, so you may have to make changes to your existing node definitions.
  • Second, you need to add one or both of two new parameter statements to your //SYSIN parameter file for server/XDC (the XDCSRVER address space). Briefly, the new parameter statements are these:
    • GRPREFIXCHAR: This statement provides a customer-selected character that cs-cdf/XDC uses internally to uniquely identify each cs-cdf/XDC that is participating in the Cross-Sysplex support.
    • PUBLICNAME: This statement provides a customer-given name that cs-cdf/XDC uses to represent a particular system in its messages, displays and reports.

Once you apply the maintenance, the gory details will be available in the XSRVPARM member of the DBCOLE.XDCZ21.XDCSRVER library. Also, there will be a new Built-in Help topic: HELP XDCSRVER CDF CROSSSYSPLEX.

Also, I’ve published updated manuals in the Documentation.

And finally, an article about all this will be published at http://www.colesoft.com in a day or two.

(Oh, by the way, cs-cdf/XDC is the new name for CDF.)

As always, questions and feedback are appreciated.