System Symbol Support Implemented in server/XDC

This will interest Sysprogs who have to install and maintain the VTAM network nodes that cs-cdf/XDC needs.

I have just posted Z21-1509F that adds System Symbol support (&SYSCLONE &SYSNAME and friends) to server/XDC’s parsing of its //SYSIN parameter file.

The //SYSIN file is where parameters live that guide cs-cdf/XDC’s setting up of it’s xxxCDF VTAM node. Previously, when defining xxxCDF nodes in multi-System shops, it was necessary to create separate //SYSIN files for each System on which cs-cdf/XDC runs. But now with System Symbols Support, it is possible to create just one //SYSIN file that will be customized uniquely on each System in which it is used.

I would like to Keith Blankenship for suggesting this very helpful idea.