RMODE64 Support Now Available for z/XDC z2.2

I have just uploaded update Z22-1707B.* It implements the following in z/XDC:

RMODE64 support: When z/OS R2.3 comes out, it will have support for loading modules into above-the-bar storage. z/XDC is now ready to fully support mapping, displaying and stepping through such modules.

Privately Loaded modules support: Some time ago, we published an update that allowed customers to let z/XDC know the locations of load modules not described by System control blocks (CDEs, LPDEs and CICS APEs). This update extends that support for Privately Loaded modules located above the bar. Further, that support can be used when z/XDC is running on z/OS systems that are older than R2.3.

LIST PGMS Displays: When writing this update, I took the opportunity to make several improvements to the reports produced by the LIST PGMS command . I also changed the command to generate automatic equates that label the various CDEs, LPDEs and APEs from which the report is built.

LIST MAPS Displays: Ditto. I have made several improvements to this display as well. For one thing, this display now identifies the type of data from which the maps were built. Hopefully, you will find them more understandable now.

LIST EQUATES Change: Previously, this command displayed equates in strict text collating sequence. Unfortunately, when equate names ended in a sequence#, this order would not be the same as the numeric values of the numbers. Example CDE#17 would display ahead of CDE#2. This has now been fixed. When equate names differ only in their sequence numbers, they will now be displayed in ascending numeric sequence.

New Manuals: I have made sufficient changes to the Built-in Help, that I decided to replace the PDFs at the website. They are now completely up to date.

*Maintenance update Z22-1707B is broken. (The fix is in Z22-1707D) If you recently downloaded z/XDC maintenance, and the level you received was either Z22-1707B or Z22-1707C, then please discard that update, and go back and download maintenance again. Any level that is Z22-1707D or newer includes a fix for Z22-1707B.