dump/XDC Beta Documentation Update Level: MDL-2106C-DX210615@

The links below allow you to access all documents relating to installation and usage for dump/XDC.

Please note that the documents below are PDFs of the HELP Database built into z/XDC, and can also be accessed directly from within z/XDC.

New users should begin with the User Guide. Experienced users may want to begin with the Release Guide.


The $readme.pdf contains installation instructions for dump/XDC.  Also included is the change history of the beta.

User Guide

The User Guide contains comprehensive tutorials about the many features and capabilities of z/XDC.

Messages Reference

The Messages Reference contains descriptions of all of the messages that can be issued by z/XDC and all of its various components.

Commands Reference

The Commands Reference contains the detailed syntax, usage descriptions, and examples of all of z/XDC’s commands.