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The z/XDC maintenance decks include fixes for reported problems as well as occasional new functionality.

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z/XDC Assembler Development Tool

z/XDC is a powerful, interactive tool for developing and testing Assembler, C/C++ and Metal C language programs in the z/OS operating system.

Using z/XDC, programmers can effectively find and correct errors in programs running in nearly any z/OS programming environment: authorized or nonauthorized, multitasking or single tasking, batch, TSO, or CICS, system exit or product exit, SVC routine or PC routine.

c/XDC expands z/XDC’s powerful, interactive source level debugging to include IBM's XL/C languages.

With c/XDC, programmers can move seamlessly between XL/C and Assembler code within the same program. You can STEP through your XL/C code as it executes, see statement operand values before and after statement execution, and display stack frames, variables, arrays and structures in real time. c/XDC functions equally well with all flavors of IBM's XL/C: C, C++, and Metal C in both 31-bit and 64-bit modes.

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Latest Product News

Major Performance Fix

Update DBC-2207D fixes a major performance bug in z/XDC. We urge all customers to download and install the fix as soon as possible...

Support added for the new Z16 Machine Instructions

IBM's new Z16 machine brings with it 22 new machine instructions as well as 16 new extended mnemonics. We have just published DBC-2206D to add support into...

New Tracing command - T BNC

There's a new TRACE command in town. It's called T BNC ("Branch-No-Call" trace). It works just like T BY except that it steps over subroutine calls!...