z/XDC Release z2.1

z/XDC Release z2.1 is Now Generally Available

ColeSoft is excited to announce the general availability of z/XDC Release z2.1, the latest in a long line of strong development advances to an already powerful product. z/XDC Release z2.1 includes substantial updates to the Commands and Functionality, as well as incorporating a new method of maintenance propagation.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest release:

Hook Command
The Hook Command has been completely re-written to allow Hooks to be placed in "non-SVC-friendly" environments such as PC routines, SRB routines, FRR-protected code, locked code and the like. Also, new parameters allow the user to target address spaces that do not yet exist. This rewrite removes most previous limitations on Hooks.
z/XDC will now automatically map modules and CSECTs when execution reaches them for the first time in a debugging session. The MAP command no longer needs to be issued explicitly.
Improved Breaking Event Address ("BEA") Support:
The LIST BEA command produces a one-line display showing the Breaking Event Address. The BEA is a handy device for understanding bugs arising from wild branches. Also, the LIST BEA command has been added to some of z/XDC's Factory Default Watch Windows.
This is a new command that can be used to show the before and after values of data touched by machine instructions as you step execution through your program.
z/XDC's built-in HELP has long had thousands of crosslinks that connect words and paragraphs to topics related to the immediate discussion. Now, those crosslinks have been propagated into the PDF versions of the HELP. This significantly improves the usefulness of the PDFs.
Check out the z2.1 Release Guide, which includes a full list of all changes since the prior release of z/XDC, on the Documentation Page.