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Get Help Inside z/XDC

z/XDC has complete contextual help built into the product using the "HELP" Command. Please see our z/XDC Training Presentations page and watch the "Getting Help in z/XDC" presentation to learn more about how to access the built-in HELP.

Online Documentation

ColeSoft provides complete product documentation online in downloadable PDF format. Each document is comprehensive and searchable. Please see our Documentation Page for details.

Emergency Activation Codes

If your site is in disaster recovery, performing disaster recovery testing, or otherwise in need of emergency product activation, you can download a 7 day z/XDC activation key here.

Product Maintenance

ColeSoft routinely publishes maintenance to z/XDC that includes fixes and new functionality. Please see our Maintenance Page to get the latest updates and join our Users Group to get maintenance announcements.

Administrative Support

If you need to contact ColeSoft for help with invoicing, contracts, or product activation codes, please email Wendie Wyant at or call (540) 456-8210.

Ask Our User Community

ColeSoft has a users group on LinkedIn, which can be access directly via Please join and ask any questions you may have.