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c/XDC Data Sheet

z/XDC Release 2.2 with c/XDC!


The latest update to z/XDC, Release z2.2, is here! With the optional c/XDC feature you can now have all the power of z/XDC in the C/C++ and Metal C languages! Visit the Release z2.2 Page for the highlights.

Details of the changes and updates since the prior release are listed in the Release Guide, located on the z2.2 Documentation page.

Michael Lewis is presenting at SHARE Atlanta!


ColeSoft will be putting in our semi-annual appearance at SHARE in Atlanta. You can find Dave Cole, Bob Shimizu, Michael Lewis, and Frank Chu in Booth 515, eager to chat with friends and discuss any questions you may have, technical or otherwise.

Michael Lewis will be giving his presentation, "Hacking DWARF to Bits", on Thursday, August 4th at 1:45 PM in room L405 - Session #19315.

Stop by and see what's new in ColeSoft's world!

ColeSoft at SHARE in Orlando


The ColeSoft team will be at SHARE in Orlando in August. We'll have many of the crew in tow - Calin Cole, Bob Shimizu, Frank Chu and Robert Schreiber will all be in attendance. Come and find us at Booth 415, and we'll show you around z/XDC 2.1 and answer any related or esoteric questions you may have!

Robert Schreiber will also be teaching a few classes again this time around, so check your schedules!

ColeSoft Launches All-New Website


ColeSoft is excited to introduce our new website! The site has been completely redesigned and rewritten from the bottom up to provide easier access to more information. Our new product pages include more detailed product information than ever, and we hope you'll find the product support and other resources helpful and easy to find.

Take a look around, dig into some of the new features, and let us know what you think!

Robert Schreiber is at SHARE


ColeSoft's Feature Developer Robert Schreiber will be presenting at SHARE in Seattle, WA. His two presentations, "Practical Examples of Invoking High Level Assembler Exits and Why They are Useful" and "Invoking REXX during High Level Assembly via SETCF", discuss several ways to maximize the power of high level Assembler Language.

Both presentations are now available for download from SHARE's website. Please follow the links above for direct access to these documents. If you're interested in further discussion with Robert Schreiber, you can email him at You can also check out our Presentations page for SHARE presentations from prior years.

z/XDC Release z2.1 Announcement

z/XDC Release 2.1


The latest update to z/XDC, Release z2.1, is here! You can check out our z/XDC z2.1 Announcement Video here, and visit the Release z2.1 Page for the highlights.

Details of the changes and updates since the prior release are listed in the Release Guide, located on the z2.1 Documentation page.

Join Our LinkedIn User Group

ColeSoft Marketing, Inc., has launched our new LinkedIn User Group, established to announce technical updates, roll out new maintenance, and bring together our user group for in-depth technical discussions and collaboration.

Join our User Group today!