z/XDC Maintenance - z1.13 and Earlier

To download maintenance, please provide your name and a valid email address below. Your email address will only be used to notify you of any issues/errors in the maintenance you have downloaded.

Keep z/XDC Current

The z/XDC maintenance decks include fixes for reported problems as well as occasional new functionality. All maintenance decks are CUMULATIVE for each release. There's no way to download discrete fixes – you get the whole package. Additionally, if you install a brand new release of z/XDC, it will refuse to initialize unless maintenance is applied, so that you'll be sure you're using the most current update. New maintenance will be linked here as it is released, and will also be announced in our LinkedIn Users Group.

This page contains maintenance for z/XDC releases z1.13 and earlier. Maintenance for z/XDC z2.1 and later can be found here.

Using the Maintenance Decks

To find out what maintenance level your copy of z/XDC is running currently, you can start a z/XDC session ("XDCCALL IEFBR14" will do nicely), and issue the "LIST MAINTENANCE" command. z/XDC reports the maintenance level in its own format like this: "ZnX-YYMMX".

Here's how to understand that character string:

  • The "ZnX" prefix describes the product level. So, "Z19" refers to z/XDC Release z1.9. "Z1D", refers to release Z1.13.
  • The "YYMMX" suffix describes the two-digit year and two-digit month of the fix. The trailing "X" describes the maintenance "generation" for that month.

In the table of available maintenance below you'll see a Binary button and a Text button for each release. The "Binary" button downloads the appropriate maintenance deck for the indicated release. The "Text" button gives you the contents of the deck, with the fix names and a one-line description of the problem addressed in each fix.

Please read the Installation Instructions before downloading and installing the maintenance files.

Download Maintenance

To download the Maintenance (.ebc) files, click on the "Binary" button, fill in the required information, and click on the "Submit" button. The maintenance download will automatically start.

Product Release
Maintenance File
z/XDC z1.13
z/XDC z1.12

Installation Instructions and Checks:

Read through the following instructions before installing the maintenance files.

  1. Download the maintenance file.
    • Check the EXACT byte length of the maintenance (.ebc) file. (One way to do this is with DOS's DIR command. Another is with the ZTREE program.)
    • The length of the maintenance file should be an exact multiple of 80. If this is not the case, then something is wrong. You may have to contact us for assistance.

  2. Upload the maintenance file to your mainframe.
    • The maintenance file should be uploaded as a binary file, i.e. with ASCII-to-EBCDIC translation turned OFF. Use IND$FILE, FTP, your workstation program's File Transfer Facility or whatever program you have available to perform the upload.
    • The DCB attributes for the uploaded file must be RECFM=FB, LRECL=80, BLKSIZE=n*80

  3. Check the uploaded file.
    • Use ISPF View or Browse (or a similar program) to look at the contents of the uploaded file.
    • Check the number of records that it contains. That number, times 80, should exactly match the maintenance file's size.
    • If this is not the case, then the process that you used to upload maintenance from your PC to the mainframe has corrupted the file. (This problem actually occurs more frequently than you would expect.)

  4. Apply the maintenance.
    • To apply the maintenance, run the SMPMAINT job located in the DBCOLE.XDCZ18.INSTALL.JCLLIB library.
    • For detailed instructions, please refer to the section of the "z/XDC Installation Guide" titled "Step 2: Run the SMPMAINT Job". You can download the Installation Guide from our Documentation page.