z/XDC Endorsements

Wondering if z/XDC will be a good tool for you? Take a look at what these industry leaders are saying about it!

Allen System Group's Sr. Software Engineer Val Schmidt says he has "saved literally thousands of development and support hours with z/XDC". When using z/XDC to check reviewed code, his "review was faster, more insightful and a great learning experience".

Read ASG's full review here. · Download the PDF

BMC Software's Lead Product Developer Ken Kornblum says "I know I share with many of our developers the sentiment that we would be at a huge disadvantage if z/XDC was ever removed from our 'tool belt' of debugging wizardry... I would find my job much more difficult to manage if z/XDC was not available to assist me with development and debugging tasks".

Read BMC's full review here. · Download the PDF

EMC's Principal Design Engineer Jed Hickson has "been relying on XDC to support [his] development projects", and says "XDC is one of the most powerful tools [he uses] in software development... It is robust and powerful with an arsenal of tools and aids that make the often difficult job of understanding complex interactions in a large software design a great deal easier."

Read EMC's full review here. · Download the PDF

CA Technologies' Distinguished Engineer Scott Fargen says z/XDC "enable[s CA] to bring high quality products to our customers more rapidly and reduce time to resolution when there are problems in the field."

Read CA's full review here. · Download the PDF

Chris Craddock, former SVP and Principal Technology Strategist at Computer Associates, says "z/XDC is the most powerful and flexible tool available for debugging complex mainframe software."

Read Chris's full review here. · Download the PDF

Todd Burch, a z/XDC user, says "When writing code professionally, z/XDC saves real money towards the total cost of a project... I never realized how much I used and depended on z/XDC until I had to work without it."

Read Todd's full review here. · Download the PDF

Software Engineering of America says c/XDC "contributed to the success of getting our products to market and continues by helping to support our customers... I highly recommend this product for any one doing z/OS development in C/C++."

Read SEA's full review here. · Download the PDF