c/XDC Overview

c/XDC Overview

c/XDC is ColeSoft Marketing, Inc.’s debugging Feature for IBM® z/OS® based C, C++ and Metal C languages. Using c/XDC you can more easily find and fix bugs in your C programs.

"c/XDC functions equally well with all flavors of IBM's XL/C:

C, C++, and Metal C."

c/XDC expands z/XDC’s powerful, interactive source level debugging to include IBM's XL/C languages. With c/XDC, you can move seamlessly between XL/C and Assembler code within the same program. You can STEP through your XL/C code as it executes, see statement operand values before and after statement execution, and display stack frames, variables, arrays and structures in real time. c/XDC functions equally well with all flavors of IBM's XL/C: C, C++, and Metal C in both 31-bit and 64-bit modes.

c/XDC allows you to follow execution from C language to Assembler and back again - seamlessly. c/XDC is tightly integrated with the z/XDC Parent product, so all the traditional capabilities in z/XDC will be available to you under c/XDC.

c/XDC features include:

  • Source Statement Debugging of IBM XL C, C++ and Metal C.
  • Execution in 24-, 31-, and 64-bit environments.
  • STEP command (STEP IN / OUT / OVER).
  • Variable, array, and structure displays with drill-down techniques.
  • Stack Frame displays, any and all.
  • Automatic detection of transitions from Assembler to C language (and back again) for seamless multi-language debugging.
  • Automatic mapping of C modules when detected.
  • C source statements with or without the underlying Assembler intermixed.