Source level debugger for programs written in IBM's XL C, C++, and Metal C

Seamless Multilanguage Debugging

As a feature of the z/XDC suite, c/XDC can display either pure C Source statements, or both C and the underlying Assembler intermixed.

STEP Through Code

With c/XDC, you can use the STEP command (STEP IN/OUT/OVER) to walk through your XL/C code as it executes.


c/XDC's AUTOMAP feature automatically maps your program using available DWARF data.

Comprehensive Displays

You can display stack frames, variables, arrays and structures and then explore them with drill-down techniques.

c/XDC can be trialed for free for 60 days!

During the trial period, you will be able to install z/XDC and its C language component feature, c/XDC, test it out, and evaluate whether it is a valuable tool for you. When you evaluate z/XDC, you will also be evaluating ColeSoft. We take our support role very seriously, and believe strongly in helping you get the most out of your investment in our product. To set up a trial please contact Bob Shimizu via email or call 800 XDC 5150