Emergency Removal of z/XDC from your running System

Occasionally, a customer may be having sever system problems, and if he suspects XDC, he may want to revert to an older level of z/XDC. However, due to the design of z/XDC’s installation process, it is not possible to revert to an older level without either reIPL’ing or somehow clobbering z/XDC’s SSCT entry to make it not findable by z/XDC. So there’s a need here.

To meet that need, we’ve written a simple, standalone utility named XDCREMOV. Running it is simple. The JCL is:

What it does is, it finds z/XDC’s SSCT and changes the 4th character of its SSCTNAME field to a blank. Once that is done, you can now start up a backlevel of z/XDC with no problems.

This utility was added by update CBC-1809D.

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